In Lviv registered 20 dry grass fires past day

units of the Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region was made 20 visits to extinguish fires of dry grass. The fire destroyed the dry grass in the area over 18 000 sq.m. In particular, February 18th at 20:03 to the rescue was reported on fire in the village. Red, Zolochivsketh District in the open area. The fire destroyed dry grass individual cells in an area of ??10 000 sq.m. The fire was extinguished at 23:40 h. As 18 February at 19:18 was incorporated fire of dry grass in open areas in the city. Lviv on the street. Gorodotcka. The fire destroyed dry grass and shrub individual cells over an area of ??260 sq.m. The fire was extinguished at20:07. Due to an increased incidence of dry grass fires DSNS Department in Lviv region refers to area residents. Frequently burning dry grass grows in large-scale fire. The rate of spread of fire is very high, so localize such fires in open areas is very difficult. Especially dangerous is burning dry Mayember in the fields through which the high-voltage power lines near the forest. In settlements burning dry grass or leaves home gardens can grow in an uncontrolled combustion. It threatens to destroy buildings and structures housing sector. In addition, the deterioration of visibility on roads due to smoke from these fires cancause accidents.