In the Rivne region information theft

One day the police received 20 reports of theft. Over 17 facts for criminal proceedings under section 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Some of them are: - The police found that the theft of the economy 32-year-old Alexander and kvasilov committed 27-year-old Romadistrict, resident Kostopil. An attacker with garage space stole the victim's laptop. - The police found that the theft of the territory of the village council Buderazkoyi Zdolbunov area committed 60-year-old local resident Nicholas. The attacker, through free access made stealing scrap metal. - The police said 26-year-old Yuri rivnyanyn that netohm person commits theft of his car. The attacker, damaging the side window of the vehicle, stole briefcase with money, documents and mobile phone. The amount of damage is established. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Rivne region