Ivano-Frankivsk: in

fires registered 4 May 9 at 15:52 hours. Ivano-Frankivsk on the street caught fire extension to Lenkavskoho stations « Smart & raquo ;. The fire destroyed household waste. Rescued boxing station. A strong smoke indoors rescuers had to work in respiratory protection devices and view. The reason thereing fire is established. 9 May at 17:32 hours. at a mansion in the village Strilche Gorodenka district summer kitchen on fire. The fire damaged the floor in the room and stove. The preliminary cause of fire – perekal heating furnace. May 10 at 3:52 hours. in the village Kozakivka Bolekhiv City Council at a yard ’ thHay Barrack broke in with hay. The fire destroyed two tons of hay. Rescued outbuildings. The preliminary cause of fire – careless handling of fire unknown person. From the beginning, in the Carpathian region there were 1086 fires, the fire killed 27 people, among them – one minor child. Management DSNS in

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