In Ternopil bloom chestnuts "Briotti"

Pink flower bloom chestnuts « & raquo ;, Briotti in Ternopil planted last fall. Trees planted along the waterfront, beautifully turned green this year, but flowering is not given, as yet very young. Blossom can be seen on the big, ten-year seedlings growing on the street. N. It – a good sign, says Oleh Sokolovsky, head of environmental improvement and department of housing and communal services, landscaping and environmental council. This rapid flowering of young trees at the new location means that for six months they have adapted in Ternopil, climate suits them and the place where they grow. And most importantly, this type cerealstaniv resistant to destruction minuyuchoyu moth, which has suffered from many chestnut trees « Horse » in Ternopil. Remember that in order to preserve the character of our city flourishing decided to conduct a phased replacement of existing tree species chestnut « Horse » resistant to destruction minuyuchoyu chestnut moth pink chestnuts « & Briottiraquo ;. Problem minuyuchoyi moth spread throughout Ukraine and far beyond. That is why it substituted species of chestnuts, because they are a natural filter for polluted by various chemicals, toxic gaseous emissions environment. Gradual replacement of trees that are in poor condition or have reached the age limit, holdbe subject to the directions of gardening, landscaping defined concept of integrated city of Ternopil. Housing and utilities, landscaping and ecology Ternopil City Council This was reported in the Ternopil City Council