In Novoyavorivsk be held the evening of memory of Andrey Kuzmenko Novoyavorivsk

in the town of Yavoriv Region, the Palace of Culture "Crystal", May 15 will be held the evening of memory "Kuzma Skryabin mouth of the child", during which will be a big charity concert. This was announced on May 11, IA ZIK correspondent referring to the administrationher PC « Crystal & raquo ;. According to organizers, the event invited all those who loved the life of Andrew Jones, in whose hearts the memory of this talented and good man remain forever. Recall that in the Lviv region Novoyavorivsk people still yearn for their eminent krayanynom, bright city ’ memory Andriy Kuzmenko – Ukrainian singer, writer, TV presenter, producer, actor, band leader « Scriabin » and just a good person. In particular, school 1 of Novoyavorivsk teachers, students, former classmates Andrew Jones staged his wonderful evening city ’ memory. And in Yavoriv to a symbolic memorial portraits Heroes co Heavenlyand TNI soldiers killed in ATU, oblashtovanomuh romadoyu on the pedestal of popular city ’ Monument to Taras Shevchenko joined and a photo of tragically deceased pet yavorivchan Andriy Kuzmenko. Around this symbolic memorial people constantly lit lamp, put flowers and the children threw a handful of candy. Told