In Lutsk held a meeting with settlers Crimea and Donbas

in the conference hall of the hotel "Ukraine" held a round table discussion on "Volyn Donbass. Integral Ukraine. Ways of integrating migrants into the local community m. Lutsk ", organized by NGO" Settlers Crimea and Donbas. " Participants of the event were representatives of the Lutskth City Council and the media. During the roundtable, participants discussed topical issues of migrants and their possible solutions. From the Department of Social Policy participated in the event were Deputy Director of Social Policy Tatjana Koretskaya. She told the audience that according to Clause 8 of Art. 4 of Ukrayiny "On the rights and freedoms of internally displaced persons", the validity of the certificate of registration of internally displaced persons is 6 months from the date of issue. Regarding the extension of help to individuals who temporarily moved from the occupied territories and regions of ATO, contact the Department of Social Policy. YesOJ Tatiana K. informed the participants that the CMU on March 31, 2015 212 amendments to the Procedure of the monthly targeted assistance to persons who move temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine and districts of the antiterrorist operation to cover living expenses, including including the payment isytlovo and communal services, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of 01.10.2014 505. Thus, for the appointment of financial assistance for the next six months the authorized representative of the family submits a statement which announces no change affecting the appointment of assistance and help all members Family of registration of persons who peremischuyutsya whose validity extended for another period. Department of Social Policy of the City Council This was reported in Lutsk City Council