Chernihiv joined the World Environmental Initiative " Peace Trees "

Tuesday, April 28, at the Institute of Law and Social Technologies CHNTU students, teachers and representatives of Housing in the framework of the action "Tree of Peace" planted several dozen Tui. According to the Head of HousingCity Council Gennady economy Lutsenko, this year for the first time Chernihiv joined the World ecological initiative "Tree of Peace". In this action supports more than 50 countries. Coordinated actions Head of Social Work, Ph.D., associate professor Tatyana Kolenichenko who told us about the details. It turns out that the action "Tree of Peace" the only environmental, it also has a deep philosophical thought: the planting of these young people shows that it is for world peace. The work was coordinated. Before planting trees pondered which to choose - fruit or not calculated the optimal number of seedlings and even consulted with landscape designer. "The idea, but moneythere was not even one tree. Over time share interest in others, found some money, and we have already planted several dozen tui "- said Gennady Lutsenko. "The essence of such an action is not the number of trees, and that in future they will be nobody to look after," - he added. Director of the Institute of Law and Social Technologies Ostapenko said LyudmilaThat before the central body growing tree that planted the very first students in 1969. At that time, even building alma mater was not finally erected. Students and teachers have decided that now greening the city for them is tradition, so with the power they already have plans for next year. According to the newspaper "Chernihiv vidomosthose "