In the Lviv region lifeguards teach students the basics of security Rescuers

PB DSNS Nikolaev Ukraine in Lviv region conducted preventive Rose ’ yasnyuvalnu work with students, teachers and school employees to them. B. Horozhanna, Demnyanskoyu UC and Verbizkoyi school. Firefighters and teachers to teach children the basic rules of behavior in whitefishthor alerts when it detects suspicious objects and rules of conduct with them, and also emphasized the prohibition of burning of dry grass. Boys and girls in the game told about the basic rules of fire safety and real examples explain why not play with matches, fire or leave unattended switched to electricomerezhu, household electrical appliances. After that, employees of Rescue 101 as told staffed fire truck, and that the priorities facing the fire and rescue units upon arrival at the scene of an accident. Generally during the exercise managed to talk with four hundred students and over trohm dozens of teachers. Such training specialists DSNS carried out in all corners of Lviv.