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There was the 14th Cup Ternopil region of Ukrainian intellectual games "Unique"

championship on intellectual games "Unique", held during March-April 2015 in order to create the conditions to meet the needs of the individual in the creative self-realization, national education, obtaining additional children knowledge and skills of interest,education fully developed personality, the formation of the intellectual elite field, a system of search, development, support of young talents and gifts, the organization of leisure and recreation for children. Competitors might be students of secondary schools of I-III and students of higher educational institutions and II levels of accreditationher age not exceeding 17 years. The tournament took place in three stages. The first time (selections) championship held areas in the second round, held in the form of regional tournament between several districts were 3 best teams from each district. In the finals held on the 2 best teams from each regional tournament, and 3 coMandi of Ternopil. Additional ticket to the finals automatically received last year winner of the tournament - the team Zalistsivskoho UC Shumsky district. In the final tournament, which was held in the city. Ternopil April 25, 2015 was attended by teams Berezhany, Buchach, Borshchiv, Zalishchytskiy, Zborivsky, Kozova, Monastyrskyi, Pidvolochyswho, Terebovlya, Chortkiv, Shumsky district and the city. Ternopil. In addition, first held qualifying stage Internet. Only three stages of the championship was attended by 710 participants consisting of 75 schools field teams, including one third of them rural team. In the team competition won: Place - Ternopil secondary schoolNumber 3; Second place - Ternopil school number 4; Third place - Ternopil school number 10. In the individual competition: Place - Novosad Sviatoslav (TZOSH number 4); Second place - Oleg Oleinik (Kozova gymnasium); Third place - Piskun Veronica (TZOSH number 10). Organized Championship - Department of Family, Youth, Physical Culture and Sports Regional Government Administrationsted together with Ternopil oblasnyym unit VDTO "KROKS." This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration