With the failure of the session Volyn regional council chairman of the board is responsible - PA fraction " Freedom "

Responsibility for the fact that the 34th session of the Volyn regional council once again can not happen is for the President of the Valentine Wind. Disruption of the next session meeting on April 29, 2015 due to lack of quorum gives grounds to insolvencyChairman of Regional Council to organize the work of MPs. 34th session of Volyn Regional Council, which started on March 20, has every reason to set an absolute record in its duration. Sessional meeting of March 20, 2, 16 and 29 April showed that the head of the regional council does not want to or can not provide an effective job of deputy Mounted Specificfr. In banc session on April 29 arrived only faction PA " Freedom & quot ;, but svobodivskyh votes to continue the session on the case is not enough. Overall in the session hall registered only 38 regional deputies necessary for quorum 41. The absence of most of the other factions may indicate that bareIsland Regional Council Valentin Wind lost their trust. According faction PA " Freedom & quot ;, this situation due helplessness Regional Council Head Valentine winds. The denouement of this problem is obvious: Valentine or wind still organizes the work of the Board, or to admit their own failure to provide capacity board and resign.In case ynakshomu question the feasibility of such a council and its dissolution, why Volynyane so glad that gives a board? Faction PA " Freedom " does not exclude such a development and ready to go to early elections. This was reported in the press service of the Volyn regional organization VO " Freedom "

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/