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In Lutsk family wedding flashmob

Club For the third time active moms "Comme il faut" and Lutsk city center of social services for families, children and young people gathered for family leisure style flash mob at the Palace of happiness. A number of flash mobs organized entertainment Mamus who are on leave to care for a child or engaged domohospodarstvom, but also to draw attention to the dissemination of information on large-scale family holiday FamilyFestPicnic, as already held a half months in the recreational complex RESTPARK. Flashmob organizers sincerely glad that the event came and fathers. Each comes more and more happy couples. "We are a little on rozvorushylyATT heavily lifting men. This is a good sign, because in this way our strong half supports family values, beloved wife and helping their children feel bright positive emotions from hanging out at home with not only the television or at the table, but dancing together, "said Marina Maiko one of the active organizers west. Five families came in full force, won tickets to FamilyFestPicnicna entire family. Now they will be able to dance with a special guest of the festival Olga Sumy and run the ball with players of FC "Volyn". Very bright and positive staginess was greeting the newlyweds who came and went from the Palace of Festivities elsenot married, then married. All participants flashmob shouted "bitter," and welcomed newlyweds and vinshuvaly long years of life, wished them good kids. Positive mood and light cardio nahruzochku girls away from fitness club FitKorvs. "Bitter!" Cried slender, funny trainers FitKorvs newlyweds with all participants flashmob, always jesterforged with their mothers, and in the end made a winning lottery giving certificates for their fun and musical training. The celebration was something to do for everyone. While some have been taught dance and other goodies were treated to tea and berry of network cafe "" Inside Peanuts in wheelchairs were played with pink balloons with logo FamilyFestPicnic, fathers and photographed withvoyih good wives and children. Were not indifferent and pilgrims, pulling their smartphones and tablets, and smiling cheerful event recorded at DRATsSu and danced. "It's a kind of affirmation of family values. Role models to all families; This is really meaningful time spent in the family, this love, respect and caring, but also a wonderful etc.itsiatyva authorities and communities in the reconstruction of playgrounds and investing in the future of our city from our children "- said Lina Galan, director of Lutsk city center of social services for families, children and youth. Next flashmob already 4 will take place during the festival of street food in Castle Westminster 2-3 May 0 15:00. Also during flashbu leading Slavko Mazurok announced SUPERMAM Festival, a kind of sport interesting and creative creative divich day with children, to be held with the support of Lutsk city center of social services for families, children and youth of the City Council May 10 regional children's youth sports school on the street. Shevchenko, 3. REFERENCE: June 13,a recreational complex RESTPARK planned a massive feast Family Picnic festival in style: baskets, blankets on the grass, delicious food. At the Festival FamilyFestpicnik more than 60 entertainment and dads and moms and young children, and pregnant women. Fair hand-made and Ukrainian producers. Special guests: a good pair Olga Sumy and Vitaly Borysiuk. Footballers with their families with FC "Volyn." And many other exciting surprises. Lutsk City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth This was reported in Lutsk City Council