Inauguration of "Days of America in Vinnitsa" started with the concert band Tumbling bones (+ photos)

Before the concert to vinnichan and guests gathered April 27, in Hall VODTRK "VINTERA" applied Cultural Attache of the Embassy and Education United States in Ukraine Cheryl Bystryansky, Vice-President - Director of Deparported by the Department of Education and State Administration Igor Ivasjuk Acting Acting Vinnitsa mayor Sergey Morgunov. One and a half hours four young musicians from Portland singing, dancing to the accompaniment vinnichan guitars, bass, violin and banjo. Celebration of American music has collected a full house audience. "For us it is a remarkableechir - said from the stage musicians from the band Tumbling bones. - The last three weeks we traveled Europe. Before that we were in Estonia and in recent days in Ukraine. Tour finish - this is our last show. " According to the musicians, many of the songs that they performed - very old. From the stage, there were also authors' songs the band members. Besides "Tumbling bones in the concert band also performed" Ladovytsi "in Khmelnitsky. "Our trip to Ukraine organized by the US State Department, so one side of our work is cooperation with Ukrainian groups. During our concert in Khmelnitsky we met with the local boys and girls who just impressed us with theirsinging. And in the spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding invited to participate in our concert. " So "Days of America in Vinnitsa" had a beginning. Then members of the group Tumbling bones will meet with students to give master - classes and talk about how musicians living in the United States. This was reported in the winerykiy RSA