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In Khmelnytsky rescuers DSNS adopted experience of colleagues from Poland in response and emergency prevention voluntary fire department

on April 28 in the conference hall of Khmelnytsky University of Management and Law and held International Conference « Main tasks and prospects of the fire and tehnohennoyi security in terms of administrative reform & raquo ;. Participating in the event were Deputy Head of Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration Volodymyr Kalnichenko, first deputy head of the regional council Victor Adamski, management State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Khmelnytsky regionAsti district chiefs and sector structure, head of the regional competition authority Vitaly Oluyko, representatives of civil defense units of the three provinces of Poland, and heads of district administrations interest. Speakers from the State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Chme?nicaoblasts noted that the procedure and criteria for the operation of government departments Operational Rescue Service of Civil Protection of Ukraine require radical reform of the EU standards of social services to the public and subject to decentralization. The Khmelnytsky oblast has appropriate fire and technological Categoriesavantazhennya, respond to potential threats 38 public fire and rescue units, rescue squad, 103 local fire team and two rescue department in the district. Dniester. Every day around the clock is 254 employees of the state fire and rescue service. Statistically arrival to the fire departments in rural cityistsevosti reaches an average of 30-40 minutes. As a result of decentralization Khmelnytsky region will have three areas and, previously, 40-50 communities. In turn, the formation of emergency response should take into account the main factor – Assistance for the time not exceeding 30 minutes. And this factor has a right to exist only in retransition period. European practice and the format operation fire-rescue services of the euro union show that the time to place a call to ride almost 10-12 minutes. This is the real indicator. Therefore, it is necessary to move towards increasing the number of fire stations (fire stations). It should be noted that the state is unable to provideand hold such number of units. And according to Art. 43 Law « On Local Government & raquo ;, task of fire protection and rescue services entrusted to local authorities. For example, in Medzhybozkiy community to provide assistance to 15 minutes should create six fire brigades. In turn, additionalovidachi the Polish side shared positive experience of his country in response and emergency prevention voluntary rescue organizations. Actively contributing to the present discussion and collaboration Volunteer Fire Department with the State Fire Service of the Republic of Poland, as reported Domahala Adam, prepresident of the county about love ’ Unity Volunteer Fire Department in Myehuv, MP Malopolska province. In particular, Mr. Domahala said that Volunteer Fire protection in Poland or OSP – voluntary about ’ union of citizens, whose main activity is to fight fires, natural disasters and other local skyezpechnymy situations. Volunteers are provided with special rescue and fire equipment, and 30-40% of visits to emergency events they carry. &Laquo; Most members OSP – farmers working in their private farms, and when there is a disaster, they receive an SMS-message from another chymduzh and go for help. There werecases where both occurred 20-30 events without the help of volunteer fire protection professional rescuers would not have coped & raquo ;, - Adam continued Domahala. In the voluntary fire protection are youth structures fire protection, it is about them said Piotr Owl, member management myeysko-hminnoho about ’ voluntary union AMPsezhnoyi of Myehuva, a representative of the City Council Myehuva. &Laquo; transfer experience for children and young people – is the best investment in the future of Fire country. Children who participate in youth fire brigade to learn about the principles of operation of fire protection, meet with special equipment and tools, learn to leadntsi extreme and dangerous situations. Adolescents and children seven years learning to be responsible, disciplined, and improve their level of fitness through participation in sport and firemen competitions & raquo ;, - continued Piotr Owl. In addition, Vice President-management myeysko about hminnoho ’ Unity Volunteer Fire Guarding??? in Myehuvi Miroslav HREND briefed with the Charter Volunteer Fire Department and the Charter myeysko-hminnoho about ’ Unity Volunteer Fire Department. In particular, the main objectives of OSP include: activities aimed at fire prevention and cooperation with the State Fire Service, local authorities and other sub ’ objects, the participatingin rescue operations that occur during fires, environmental threats, natural disasters, accidents and so on. In addition, public awareness of existing fire and environmental threats, as well as security and preventive measures, activities aimed at protecting the environment and so on. Fairly surprised members of the Conference of the fact that many departmentYah OSP established sports clubs, theater groups, are fire orchestras, vocal and instrumental groups, besides every voluntary fire brigade has its anthem, music is written with the Charter. Rescue Service of Ukraine started to make sure steps towards a European system of civil protection. Therefore, the experience of Polish colleaguesfield response and emergency prevention voluntary fire department for Ukraine is very important. Rescuers are extremely grateful to the Polish colleagues and has a solid feel their support and assistance, as fraternal peoples always support each other and help overcome any difficulty and obstacles. PG DSNS Ukraine Hops innytskiy area