The Khmelnytsky oblast police arrested a serial thief Carpathian

workers Iziaslav police department "on hot" detained serial thief who is suspected of having committed thefts 8. The total amount of damage reaches more than 15 thousand. 29-year-old resident of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk, came to his concubine in one of the villagesIziaslav area. Since both never worked, people not invented anything better than to make a living stealing. Now he reasonably suspected of having committed property crimes 8. Started attacker with theft of holiday home in the village where he lived. There he penetrated twice, because the time was not able to make all the goods. Stole a brand new comPewter, speakers and other appliances which zbuv at a much lower price. He penetrated and garages and utility rooms where tolerate anything that could pass for scrap metal items and small livestock. For example, one of the victims nedorahuvavsya two rabbits on the farm. The victim was the thief even his friendsand which he originally offered to buy stolen goods, and when he refused, he paid for it own computers. Two more residents Iziaslav lost bikes, leaving them unattended. Actually, theft dvohkolisnoho attacker and detained by the police department Iziaslav. Steal stole a bicycle from the door, quietlymounted it and rode as if on their own, but got eyes local inspectors. Law enforcement officers stopped a suspicious man and asked him where he got the bike. In the story of an old friend, who gave a ride, the police did not believe, and soon found and the true owner of the vehicle. During the investigation it was found prychetnisNumber suspect to a number of thefts. Most things were found and returned to owners. The total amount of the loss is more than 15 thousand. According to District Police investigator Iziaslav Sergei Klimchuk, the suspect is now in custody and awaiting a court decision. He will have to be held accountable for ch. 2, ch. 3. 185 "Theft" Kryminalnoho Code of Ukraine. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region