Natalia Golodyuk: "Although not entirely reassuring forecasts for the current year, still rejoice the achievements of the previous 2014."

2015 final is for members of this term. And somehow unwittingly already want to take preliminary results for the past 4 years. 2015 will not be easy in terms of implementation of the municipal budget, rather it will be a year of survival,but not development. However, despite not exactly comforting forecasts for the current year, still rejoice the achievements of the previous 2014. Repeatedly using parliamentary appeals and requests for session I raised the issue terrible state of children's and sports club "Contemporary" at Galician 132. Finally last year managed budget nepredict funds for capital repairs of the premises. Vidmichu it is the only center for children in the entertainment district of beekeeping. Personally saw the zeal with which there came in his spare time boys and girls to learn to play tennis or beading. For teacher-organizer Mary D. Berezhanskaya Club is a great teacherand counselor for children. Overall harmonious and friendly atmosphere as during the festive event and on weekdays reigns at the club. The only thing of which were somehow uncomfortable - the terrible state of the room: Place the mold on the walls in the hallway pipe network and accessed through a devastating condition of the wall in one of the rooms of the basement dampness fell inclub. Are these conditions worthy children? Despite the fact that the district beekeeping in need of repair as many mizhbudynkovi driveways and housing, yet in 2014 I became a priority for funding is the club "Contemporary". Thank deputies who finally paid attention to this issue, and in particular the head of the parliamentary commission on spiritovnoho revival, Science, Education, Culture, Youth and Sports Oksana Savchuk that attended to the matter. Of course, the allocated funds are not enough to bring everything down to the room, but made many. In particular, completely "sewn" one of the walls in the playroom, pominyano floor made whitewash, put new laminate. Corydor room and teacher who needed the most attention are also not left without repair. Now there will be other than repair and energy efficient lighting. Log club equipped shelters. In another, the largest room renovations are in the final stage, gets additional input into the club and carried whitewash. Because of rising numbersness of the population in the district beekeeping club is currently used in the future in space for the polling station. So, in fact, work on the device additional entrance to the club and whitewashing most rooms were also a priority. In passing, we would also like to thank MPs from the neighborhood Pasichna Roman Haruka and R. Kukurudzu that were not apart of the problem and contributed funds from the deputy fund for the repair. The teacher-organizer is happy every day a large number of kids who come here now with pleasure. And personally I have a sense of joy for children. Natalia Golodyuk, MP Ivano-Frankivsk City Council, faction of the "Freedom" About this itemovidomyly in Ivano-Frankivsk city council