In Vinnitsa region held a plenum VII Regional Council of Veterans of Ukraine (+ photos)

In the Center of training and qualifications of public authorities held VII Plenary Session of the Vinnytsia Regional Council of Veterans of Ukraine. Plenum started commemorate those killed in the area of ??ATO and combatants in BWorld War II as much as a minute of silence. The meeting was chairman of the regional council of veterans of Ukraine Leonid Kopetskyy, Director of Social Policy ODA Anatoly Sopun, Deputy Director of Social Policy Natalya Ostapenko, Deputy Director of the Department - Head of Public Communications atblderzhadministratsiyi Vladimir Lazarenko, representatives of the regional council, heads of district veterans' organizations, members of veterans and members of the local media. The agenda of the Plenary made five issues: the results of the implementation of measures to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders nationwideth relay memory "Glory to Ukraine liberators' preparation for the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the Great Move and in 2015 - a year of war veterans, as well as the collection of humanitarian aid participants ATO. In his speech, Anatoly Sopun said: "In our country the situation is difficult, but you inspire us, sets an example for ourthe knee. With regard to social support, the regional government is ready to support and contribute to issues like veterans' organizations, and each veteran. I want to thank you for your activity, you peace, prosperity, peace and well-being. " In turn, Leonid Kopetskyy presented letters of thanks from the monetary income chairmen of districtveteran's organizations actively participated in the work of the organization. The audience were heads of district veterans' organizations. Guardians veterans spoke about their work in the field. They shared their experience in organizing events for the elderly, informed search and volunteer work and contribution to the development of territorialnyh communities. Also, active preparation and celebration of the 70th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from the Nazis during World War 1941-1945 Board of Veterans awarded Ukraine Ukraine Vinnytsia Oblast Organization of Ukrainian Memorial tablet relay memory "Glory to the liberators of Ukraine 2013-2014 GG " LeonEid Kopetskyy said: "The Council of Veterans of Ukraine was fruitful. Veterans' organizations have made every effort to protect the legitimate rights and interests of veterans of all categories of older people. Among veterans' organizations have close cooperation. " Following the meeting of the plenum was decided to intensify workall veterans' organizations of the region with a view to jointly address the urgent problems of veterans Vinnytsia, support fighters in the area of ??ATO and marking important historical events at the regional level. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration