Vinnytsia region, rescuers and foresters continue to cooperate to prevent fires in ecosystems

April 24 in a wooded area in the Vinnytsia region held joint military exercises planned rescue and forest workers with emergency response and minimize their effects in ecosystems. The exercise vzyaRescuers were part of District State Fire and Rescue as well as employees of the Vinnytsia Regional Forestry and Hunting and Vinnytsia Regional communal enterprise, « Vinoblahrolis & raquo ;. In DSNS cars were involved adapted for the purposes of fire-fighting vehicles,pumps, the primary means of fire, entrenching tool and latest designs knapsack extinguishers. According to the head exercises – Chief of Operations Coordination Center of the Main Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Vinnytsia region Ruslan Novak, – representatives of agencies complied tasks, proving in practice, the highEvan preparation and professionalism in case of fire. The issue of fire prevention and rapid reaction to the fires in forests and ecosystems every day becoming more important, because the spring and summer lasts fire period. Already this year in the territory of Vinnitsa region in ecosystems emerged 62 fires. The largestshe concern unauthorized burning dry grass when the flame ’ I transferred to nearby forests. The last such incident occurred between the villages and Tsvizhyn Hyzhyntsi Vinnytsia region, where fire spread to a dead young plantations. Only through coordinated efforts of rescuers managed to avoid big trouble. HUDSNS inVinnitsa region