Khmelnytsky, events occurred within the "Week of knowledge of the basics of life safety"

During 20-24 April in preschool and secondary schools Krasyliv district hosted « Week knowledge of the basics of life safety & raquo ;. Measures undertaken to foster respect for human security, forming growsthawing generation philosophical and ethical foundations of a healthy lifestyle and raising the level of awareness-raising activities on safe life. From 5-11 grade students interviewed rescuers on: « With fire no kidding! & Raquo ;. During the open classes and lectures to schoolchildren Rose ’ yasnyuvaly basic rules of safety relatedodzhennya of fire, electrical and gas appliances, basic rules of conduct during the winter holiday near water, during a trip to the forest, picking mushrooms during a fire in an apartment in identifying the spill of mercury in detecting explosive devices. Also DSNS workers told the students about the hazards of radiation and duu population if the threat of radiation hazard. Fire and rescue units Krasylova Antonin pupils and pre-schools rescuers had trips where children showed fire and rescue equipment, equipment, hand tools rescue. Employees of the State Service for Emergency Situations concentrated HCAUG rules on safe behavior in everyday life, especially in spring and summer fire period. In conclusion, for better absorption of information students and teachers were given leaflets and the city ’ precautionary nature of interest. Krasylivsky PC PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnitsky region