In the Transcarpathian region to visit Irshavskoye police came Protein

students from more than fifty students of two schools in the town of proteins visited on a trip to Irshavsk police department. Work begins tour of the yard of the police station, where students toured the police special machines. Then the tour continued at the next part. Here these studentskavylo everything they get the call if calls to "102" as the police go on call, etc. After students with teachers invited to his office chief Irshavsk district police Lt. Myron Chernychko. Manager told the guests about the work of the police, the arrest of criminals. Reminded about the punishment that can claimHonest minors themselves when they commit crimes. Turned his attention to the head of the police station and the recent appointment of a pseudo-mining schools. Recall that one of the students Bilkivskoyi school called the police department and reported mining schools. Children raised prank on his feet all personnel and police MOE, experts and dog handlers, etc.s experts. As a result, parents of a teenager on a "joke" son paid a considerable fine ... Next tour continued in the hall of the police station, where police conduct meetings, training sessions. Here the greatest impression on students had special devices used by law enforcement officers. Children had the opportunity to try on a bulletproof vest, hard hat and feel SEBis as true guardian. Finally, students were photographed in the yard of the police station in memory of an interesting tour. Law enforcement officials are hoping that this meeting was not only informative, but also useful for students. Perhaps some of them later wants to become police officers. Information Irshavsk District Police