In the Transcarpathian region

improvement of human settlements for cleanliness and order all settlements in the accepted order of the Head on public welfare, the action "Transcarpathia - clean environment" and the establishment of a single day of sanitary clearance area, whose goal is to bringin proper sanitary and aesthetic of towns and adjacent territories, and natural elimination of unauthorized dumps and others. By the performance of the executive committee and district administration zaluchylysya, enterprises of different ownership, education and more. Collective action the following works: eliminated 363 unauthorized dumps, landfills 120 sorted, exported 20007.39 m? debris cleared 52.96 kilometers sources, channels, streams, sorted 195 recreation areas, parks and gardens, cleared 73.98 km coastal zones, 333 cemeteries sorted, cleaned 1153.05 km roadside strips, ditches and ditches, planted 7029 trees cropped and cut,respectively, 7050 and 832 trees. Also in the area is the annual All-Ukrainian action "For clean environment", according to which in April and May of this year, measures are taken to ensure the health and aesthetic of towns and surrounding areas. Cleaning roadside and coastal zones in all road and water about'Yektah area, as well as extensive work on garbage collection and planting - those are the major activities to be carried out during the already initiated action for the improvement. Community services are working to clean debris from the area clean of leaves, trim and wash the trees and bushes. April 25, 2015 is planned for vseukrayinskoho day improvement. This is an annual one-day national event cleaning and beautification weedy green areas and places of public recreation. However, this day is an action "Make Ukraine Clean", which each year brings together about a quarter of a million and Ukrainian volunteers in one day at one time within the eco-festival come together tocleaning. Last year, during the aforementioned shares of accomplishment attended all areas of the region; was involved in public enterprises, institutions and organizations regardless of ownership, as well as school and university students. Thus, to ensure cleanliness and order in towns and conductI combined these stocks a large number of residents of towns and villages that are harvested green areas, parks, gardens, streets, roads, cemeteries, clean debris from the shore, planted trees and shrubs. At the same time offer to join the action all the inhabitants of the region and to contribute to ensuring the cleanliness of the environment, help zbeing in his native land of natural beauty for future generations. We will do our blooming edge cleaner! Director of the Department of Housing public utilities, Construction and Infrastructure RSA V.Pryhara This was reported in the Zakarpattia Oblast Administration