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Each man ostavlyaet thy trace in history myrovoy someone Large and zametny through concessions and someone peredaet their weapons Wisdom words. After all, people with ancient TIME zadumvalys at such slozhnh veschah alone, As The meaning of life, Eternal Bowl struggle of good and evil in the world cheho more, but less cheho and a number of others issues. According to Dr.Wushu man shodyatsya These two concepts in a deadly poedynke, How ezhednevnoe osmslenye suscheho day and tseloy prozhytoy life. Achieving the answer to man Very important, Ved This is the result plodotvornoy life and Experience Proof and there is not a simple existence in bezlykoy form, and life napolnennoy Meaning and knowledge. All zhyznenne situation pryvodyatus for serous razdumyam, pereosmslyvanyem Values ??and osvoenye vseh trudnh concepts of life, As ystyna, Graham, myloserdyya, love and Other blank, something tolkaet rights for mudrm yzrechenyyam for road osvetlenyya The next generation. Ved Each man brings something in life that's tu itself for Total mankind and civilization development, as well as for IZmenenyya world in luchshuyu side.

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God presented to man and life in him vdohnul chastychku itself and chelovecheskaya purpose - doing. Each virtue and talent svoeho BUILDING, sozdaet razny result of its work. And many great men have forsaken svoy Proceedings mohuschestvennm pysanyya away. Also, the LENGTHenyy vsey life man poznaet pain and Happiness, and stkaetsya on svoem zhyznennom path with a multitude of problems and difficulties, something sozdaet Impulse for razdumyy and Understanding bolsheho. Pain from zhyznennh situations can u bt muchytelnoy and demolition soul of man, but, vstoyav Only wear their wisdom and portsyyu svoeho sunset, man staet poystyne mudree, something Tolkaet ego on the creation tsyacheletyy wisdom. And Only togda man ovladevaet Happiness, when all experienced pain, vros of neutralization and okrep in svoyh Look at life, his personality and sformyroval yndyvydualnost.

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C pomoshchju monitored and vsevozmozhnh podskazok sozdaetsya support for heloveka difficulties ego to take life. Also mogut povlyyat on Formation of personality, vraschyvanye a yndyvydualnosty and the Select hlavnoho in nature and destiny of man pokazvat Important aspects of life. In dependence from voprosov man obraschatsya need it for a philosophy Or ynoy great people. Ved Each philosopher obladaet own way and unykalnoy mudrostyuActually spetsyalyzyruetsya on circular dignity.

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Quotes and kratkye vskazvanyya mogut Help in Formation credo human life, and on the basis of his made the term tyh Wisdom putem analysis and study. Ved Only obrabotav mountain of information, know Him uznav and new, can be vdvynut St.th Philosophy and Leave svoy Quotes, something prodolzhat tsepochku wisdom and movement development.

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USER quotes can be from the Use Even in everyday life, the source of wisdom for obraschayas and vnedryat s as follows: - Usually in conversation; - In svoyh tvorcheskyh projects; - Assistance and monitoredand second persons; - When napysanyy ongoing with the author poslanyem Quotes. Tsytyruya, Aphorisms and vskazvanyya great people, a man pokazvaet rudytsyyu, yntellektualnost, ostrotu thinking, wisdom and obrazovannost. In our nelehkoe TIME, when the scale Values ??completely inverted, when materyalne good vesyat bolshe duhovnh tsennosteand, in zaputatsya Very difficult life and sbytsya with PSI Correct way to destiny. But, in fact, so kazhetsya Only and Total lysh This is an intimation of nevernoy road Ved There Values, kotore not yscheznut Everybody and they are not povlyyayut nykakye Historic kryzys. These Values ??rozhden for vechnoy life and obrely form of quotations of great people. And Let ta IPystopchet deeply slime trail in chelovecheskyh hearts forever and there ostanetsya. And When someone, Burnt severe dear life, lower your head and hands ymenno Such Quotes with vazhnoy ystynoy vdohnovyat ego strength and predadut killings shoulders and uverennmy Next ydty sobstvennm way.