Rivne: I survived because fastened! (+ Photos)

Employees of the State of Rivne together with journalists remind road users of the importance of using seat belts. The current driver has a very simple and surprisingly effective remedy - belt. There is nothing more frustrating thanthe fate of the driver, which at the time of the accident was not wearing a seat belt. According to the World report on prevention of injuries on the road, the use of seat belts is one of the most effective measures in road safety, which saves more lives than any other intervention. Absence or failure wasEmena security is a major factor causing injury and death during an accident. Yes, the traffic police region had preventive campaign called "I survived because fastened!" During which reminded of the importance of using seat belts. - Given the difficult situation in the area where recent increase kilkosthose accidents will not be superfluous to remind our road users on the use of seat belts, which are primarily aimed at reducing the risk of severity of the consequences of the accident, as well as the education of the drivers perceived need to take care of life and health - the Head of Regional Inspectorate police colonel Alexander Semeniuk Recallmo that under part 4 of article 121 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences for abuse of the seat belts provided administrative penalty of fine ranging in size from 51 to 85 USD. It should be recalled that the seat belt, the driver converts a single unit from the car, protecting it from hitting the instrumentor guard against the danger of being thrown through the windshield or door that almost always leads to tragic consequences. State car field encourages drivers to use safety belts. Remember life is a chance for everyone! This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region

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