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More than 100 thousand thief stole from home resident Ternopil

Almost all savings disappeared from home resident Shumsky district after it came two unknown women under the pretext of buying feathers. Police searching kradiyok. According to the victim, she and her husband was busy in the garden. At home there was only herold mother. House doors were unlocked and took advantage zloumyshlennitsy. Having entered the apartment, in one of the rooms found kept with jewelry and money. The applicant noticed neznayomok just around the corner. Women explained that people buy feathers. Hearing in response that the owner did not sell, they are quick to disappear from someone else's yard 'i. The loss of money and valuables victim discovered only after some time. The total amount lost - over 100 thousand. With approached the police. The police wanted zlodiyok. Such cases are not unusual theft. Strangers drive villages under the pretext of buying and selling a variety of things, and actually rob the house. Rightguardians are advised residents of the region to be careful. Be sure to close the doors of their homes, even if they leave for a short time. Do not leave their property unattended, try to keep valuables out of the reach of unauthorized persons to the ground. Do not trust strangers and not drop them to their homes. In the case of paragraphs in your areathose suspicious persons or vehicles immediately call law enforcement. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region