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Ukrainian state libraries will buy books for 9 million

Despite the crisis time in the Ministry of Culture decided to finance the purchase of new books for the library to 9 million. The press service of the Ministry of Culture. &Laquo; This year we will focus on the needs of libraries and consequently – readers & raquo ;, – stressed mothis is a prime ’ Prime-Minister in ’ Vyacheslav Kirilenko. In this approach, the library will receive current literature remains unsold and is not popular enough runs. This will contribute to the popularity of libraries and expand the audience of modern Ukrainian books, notes the report. First, consider the application for the books included in the listunmet demand in the reader, compiled from the National Parliamentary Library Research and independent experts. Allocations will be between areas that are within the specified amount must choose from a list of positions approved by the Expert Council. The final decision approves college ministry. Note In accordance withUkrainian line selection of books for public libraries replenishment (approved by the Ministry of Culture of 18.06.2012), be accepted proposals for Selection of books (including children and youth), issued within the last three years, inappropriately belong to science -populyarnyh, reference, literaryartistic or socio-political. Will not be accepted proposals for Selection of books that have been issued by the state or local budgets. Selection of Ukrainian books for replenishment public libraries and their distribution among libraries of different levels – national, state, national, regional, city, District, town and village, including libraries for children and youth, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine within the expenditures of the state budget to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for the year. On the basis of proposals submitted Ministry of Culture of Ukraine forms a common list of publications for the selection and with sampleykamy Ukrainian books submits a collegial body established by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for the content and meaningful assessment of publications included in the list of publications for replenishment public libraries. The list is submitted to the Board of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and approved by theMinistry of Culture of Ukraine. GfK Ukraine Experts say that half of Ukrainian in 2014 did not take any book in the hands of these people do not have this or ability or desire. The other half read at least four books. Among the most popular books of the year – books about Euromaidan. Among the favorites in the genre in the firstHalf year were detectives, adventure and historical novels. At the end, the picture has changed. According to several retailers, leaders in sales was contemporary documentary and journalistic prose. Increased interest in literary reflection of the main events of the year – Euromaidan. Told