In the winery derzhohorontsi held a training course on "Combat lifesaver"

April 20 at the Vinnytsia higher vocational school held a two-day educational and training courses adapted to NATO standards "Combat lifesaver. Tactical first aid. " Classes were organized through the joint efforts of the Department Gosvnoyi Security Service and Public Transportation Security Committee. The teacher of the course was the first Deputy Director of Emergency Medical Services Daniel Smiley that '25 is the system of emergency medical care. He was assisted by 5 experienced instructors. Everyone could apply theoretical knowledge in practice. Instructors ModelYuval various extreme situations where it was necessary to operate smoothly, quickly and professionally. Derzhohorontsi studied apply a tourniquet, do chest compressions, the victim properly inspect the system SAVS (stop active bleeding, check airway, breathing recovery and improve blood circulation) and move onsuffered from the line of fire. Every police officer received a certificate of participation and successful delivery of credits for the course. UDSO at MIA Ukraine in Vinnitsa region