From the beginning of the year there were exactly 45 fires caused them losses - more than 2 million. UAH.

Rivne city district administration SU DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region informs that from the beginning of the year in the city. Exactly there were 45 fires, direct material losses which are more than 2 million. USD. Special fire growth observed with the onset of spring and summerth period, so rescuers calling all citizens to observe basic requirements of fire safety. To save his life and the lives of your loved ones in mind: 1. Hay, straw and other roughage should store in the most remote from residential homes and commercial buildings. 2. Do not burn trash at a distance of less than 15m of buildings. 4. Closing villas, cottages for a long time, power must be de-energized at the input (cabinet). 5. Do not use faulty gas equipment. 6. Do not smoke in homes. 7. Do not allow storage LVZH and GR combustible gas cylinders on balconies and loggias, clutter their waste paper, old IUblyamy more. 8. Matches and lighters Keep out of the reach of small children. 9. Do not leave unattended children. 10. Avoid using torches, candles, matches, etc., visiting lofts and cellars. 11. Do not leave unattended included in the electric appliances. Also significantly increased the number of fires in BCkosystemah. It should be noted that under current law provides criminal penalties for destruction or damage to forest areas, green spaces around towns along the railway, and stubble, dry wild grasses, foliage or residues on agricultural lands fire or any other generally do notsafe way of sanctions to a fine of three hundred to five hundred untaxed minimum incomes, or restraint of liberty for a term of two to five years, or imprisonment for the same term, or the same actions that caused death of people, mass death of animals or other grave consequences, - shall be punishable with imprisonment for atrok of five to ten years. This was reported in Rivne city district administration SU DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region This was reported in the Rivne City Council