In Lviv, arrested a suspect in the rape of the child

men who are suspected of raping a boy of twelve, was detained in Sykhiv district. Currently working with a child psychologist. Yesterday, April 22, around 22.00 hours attention patrol along the National Guard of Ukraine, who had served in Sykhiv area drew boy forreceives Kavaleridze street was accompanied by drunken men. "The boy cried for help. When police approached him, he said that the man, whom he met in the morning, raped him. The child, by the way, also had signs of intoxication. Law enforcement officers brought the boy and the man who accompanied him in the district department militsiyi "- the chief of police department Sihivkovo Police Lt. Michael Pidvirnyy. A person suspected of child rape installed. This 32-year-old resident of the idle. Man detained in order st.208 Code of Ukraine, the question of the election for a preventive measure. In fact openly criminal proceedingstion under part 3 st.153 (, sexual insults) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of ten to fifteen years. Currently, child psychologists, for a series of examinations. Guardians establish the involvement of the suspect to commit other similar crimesbers. Press service of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine Lviv region