Rivne region, rescuers within weeks of life safety conduct for school trips to the fire and rescue units

in Rivne last weeks of life safety. On 22 April to 19 th State Fire and Rescue downtown Kostopil way students Kostopil humanitarian gymnasium and 23 April toRescuers 2nd fire-rescue department visited the regional center of Rivne secondary school students and third-degree 8. Soldiers Rescue familiarized students with the order of service guard duty fire-rescue department. Then firefighters showed fire equipment and rescue equipment,told of their technical capabilities. Beyond the attention of the State Service for Emergency Situations almost every child, everyone could try on clothes combat rescue and take a photo on city ’ Five. During the tour rescuers in an accessible and understandable form answer the many questions that interest children. Most of the kidshit-and-rescue tool « Holmatro & raquo ;, by which rescuers liquidate the consequences of an accident (cut metal construction and are used to in case of trouble to get to trapped in damaged cars people) and devices Respiratory without which the work of rescuers in smoky prymischeor simply not possible. After the event was presented to all children « Memory ’ security points of interest & raquo ;. Satisfied cooperation with rescuers and educators, considering such educate fruitful and productive. For organized events to raise awareness of children and allow to reduce the number of fires and incidents involving students.PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/