Chernigov: Organizing Committee for the Victory Day and the Day of Memory and Reconciliation: not omit any veteran!

April 23 in Chernihiv city council held a meeting of the organizing committee on preparation and holding in celebration of the Day of Victory and Memorial Day and reconciliation led by Deputy Mayor - managing the affairs of youStanislav Vikhrov executive committee. Head of Culture City Council Yuri Tkach presented a draft plan of urban activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the Victory. The festivities will begin May 8 at 15 pm festive meeting and concert in the Regional Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theater. TH Shevchenko. On the morning of 9May will lay flowers to the grave in the park them. M. Popudrenko and the Memorial of Glory, where a rally-requiem and laying flowers at the eternal flame. Evening in Red Square planned Military brass band concert stereo Land Forces of Ukraine, creative teams and performers. Goalsand the City Council of Veterans Irina Chetvertak made a request to personally greet each of 509 participants in the war of 1941-1945. Deputy Mayor Stanislav Vikhrov urged those present to treat the responsibility of training and the festivities. "Everyone in place should make every effort to ensure that our veterans Validityfeel the joy of this holiday and at the same time - our boundless respect and gratitude ", - the head. A revised action plan will be published on the official site of the Chernihiv City Council. Department of Public Relations of the City Council