By Rivne law enforcement officers asked for clarification community

yesterday to the regional police department filed an action letter on long equations complain about the actions of police, prosecutors and courts. They expressed their discontent through the media. Dissatisfied came to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Rivne Rivne Ukraineand field and put forward his claim to the leadership of police to investigate in particular criminal proceedings opened in April last year for fraud around the residential complex "Golden Horseshoe". In early April last year Rivne MB Internal Affairs at the request of the citizen Poznyakov information was submitted to the Unified Register of pre-trialInvestigation of the characteristics of the criminal offense referred to in paragraph 1 of Article 190 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (fraud). The investigation of the criminal proceedings were reclassified to part 4 of this article, that is fraud committed in a large scale or organized group. Investigator removed proektno estimates, contracts regarding construction documents confirming the construction work, the accounting records, including cash flow and account transactions, documents proving the provision and use of credit, proof of compliance with the terms of work and compliance technical characrystyk object construction. Investigation unit for a number of examinations, including construction and technical answer to that Volyn Division of L'research institute of forensic examinations shall be submitted in early June. To determine the causes payable Society and its real financial condition designed with economychna expertise. In late April, has received technical examination of contracts investors concluded with UCB. Currently suspicion of a criminal offense has not been reported since the examination are on performance. SZEM MIA (based on SD) Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Rivne region