Special Project IA ZIK: Crimean Tatars in. Living out of a suitcase or a new house?

From the beginning of the occupation of the Crimea to the city perebralosya about 2,000 Crimean Tatars. From other IDPs they differ primarily in that in addition to problems with finding jobs and housing, they are concerned about the conservation of their cultural and religious identity. FirstProject page. Photo: Roman Baluk / ZIK &Laquo; We now face the question of how to integrate into this environment, but not assimilate, to keep ourselves & raquo ;, – says co-founder of the initiative « Crimea SOS » and the head office of Western Alim Aliyev. takes the history of the Crimean Tatars who moved to the city and tryI do not get lost here, to maintain their language and culture. At the same time they do not want to sit on the neck in the state, and are willing to work and create in. They are open-minded and positive to the lions ’ Yang, saying that both nations actually have much in common. Read more about it – in Special « Crimean Tatars in. Living out of a suitcase or districtovyy House & raquo ;. Told

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