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In the Transcarpathian region near Petros rescuers found the two misguided tourists

17 February evening near Petros Rakhiv district lost two tourists from the city. Dnepropetrovsk. Men aged 43 and 45 years, not previously registered in the rescue unit, went to conquer the mountain top. Due to strong icing shyLiv one of them fell into the side Harmoneska meadows. Soon another could not resist and fell on the mountain meadows towards Holovcheska. Thus both tourists lost landmark and lost. To rescue called 45-year-old climber, as in the other group member was discharged mobile phone. In search of tourists went at 18:30 workersmountain search and rescue departments Yassin town and village. Lazeshchyna. At 21:30 on the meadow Holovcheska they have discovered one of the climbers. Other at 23:30 found in meadows near Harmoneska. It was found that during the fall he suffered minor bruises face. Then search paramedic team gave him the first first aid. His medical friendintervention is not necessary. Two tourists were taken to the village. Lazeshchyna whence they returned home. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region