The memory of the Heroes of calls to unite for the future of Ukraine

Last year we witnessed historic events and parties - Advantages Revolution, during which millions of Ukrainian found impressive invincibility, patriotism, courage and defeated the corrupt and authoritarian regime. February 20 we vshanovuvatymemo those price vlasnoho life defended the ideals of democracy, defended human rights and freedoms, the European future of Ukraine - Heroes hundreds of Heaven. Among the best representatives of the Ukrainian people are our countrymen - Alexander Hrapachenko Valery Opanasyuk, George and John Harutyunyan Horodnyuk. The memory of these heroes live in our case to the hearts of Ukrainian soldiersand volunteers who now protect the independence and territorial integrity of the Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. The names of the characters forever remain in our hearts, names of streets, cities and villages of Rivne. We call that day area residents remember in prayer all the heroes who put their heads for our future. May the memory of polehdisasters unite us, the living, will give us the strength and the will, wisdom and inspiration for strengthening their own state on their own land. Heroes do not die! Glory to Ukraine! Head of the Rivne Oblast of the party "PAID Poroshenko-Solidarity" Sergey Shturhetskyy Chief of Staff of the Rivne Oblast of the party "PAID Poroshenko-SALTDARNIST " Alex Mulyarenko