In Lviv registered 23 fires of dry grass

During the last days in the Lviv region registered 23 dry grass fire resulting in dry grass destroyed an area of ??over 120 000 sq.m .. In particular, 17 February at 14:01 to the rescue was reported fire in the village. Mayiky stone ’ Janko-Bug district in the open area.The fire destroyed the dry grass in the area of ??50 square meters. Wasteful and trees ’ Yan building. The fire was extinguished at 15:35. Also, 17 February at 15:22 the fire was reported at x. Kashtylyany Toporivskoyi village council Busk district in the open area. The fire destroyed dry grass and shrub individual cells over an area of ??50 000 sq.m .. The fire liquidityat 17:51 of Old. Given this statistic. Department DSNS in Lviv Oblast Lviv appeals to residents with a call to refrain from breeding many of fallen leaves, burning of dried vegetation and debris. Especially pay attention to the inadmissibility of the following nearby forests, peatlands and buildings!