In the Transcarpathian region police Rakhov actively working with local communities District

recently indoors Yasinya village council held a meeting initiated by the police department leadership theme, which was a joint police-community activities, for law enforcement and crime prevention in the territory of the villageelyscha. The event was attended leadership Rakhivsky police department, head of the village council, members of the NGO "Arkan", town deputies, members of the executive committee and local activists. While talking to the head of the police Veit Ludwig described in detail criminal situation in the region, discussed the prevention and prevention of humanoporushen. Director Veit Ludwig Rakhiv police urged citizens not to remain indifferent to the facts known to them violations of law and public order, and immediately inform them about law enforcement. The colonel said that the joint efforts of the public and law enforcement officers found ways to overcome all difficulties. The meeting stressed Mr.and the need to involve citizens in the creation of community groups to protect public order and the state border. - The joint patrol of police and community representatives settlement will enable more responsive to the offense and will contribute to the prevention of offenses - Veit Ludwig said. Also, all Membersing the meeting were able to talk, ask questions, and to agree on clear directions of joint activity. Information Rakhivsky District Police