Hero of Pidbuzha married with honors at the Lviv Opera House

Such engagement of famous aristocrats dream. Pidbuzhanyn Havetskyy Andrew and Irene lvovyanka Rizhzytska painted in honor of the Lviv Opera and Ballet. Ivan Franko. Told correspondent IA ZIK. It is seen as fate would have it, that ofdyachyty sergeant 80th airborne brigade Havetskomu for his recklessness, courage and sacrifice. Among the guests was his commander, Lieutenant Vladimir Vishnevsky. It was his miracle saved Andrew, risking their lives. It happened during the attack of Russian mercenaries 32 checkpoint. His commander explosion ceaseLo leg. He dripped blood ’ S in the open field for attacks. Sergeant Havetskyy threw himself with body armor and risking to fall under the « separsku » ball, rushed to rescue officer. He pulled it off and fight with another fighter downloaded in APC, which by that time had in ’ go. And two weeks damn « separska »still got the ball and it – VP ’ yalasya the left shoulder. So he went to the native lands of treatment, and at the same time and combine business with pleasure – to marry. About recklessness of Daredevil Pidbuzha paratroopers legends. No wonder its already award medal « Courage » and Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky second stufine. Order of the way, giving in Pidbuzhi wedding day. Andrew Havetskyy as a child to become a military. This is no accident. His father – officer with combat experience, uncle passed Afghanistan. Yet not once fl ’ yazav life of the host. After high school, joined the Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts. Yeah for Mayyears and signed his first contract with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, moved to distance learning. The real test for the young man became peacekeepers in Kosovo. Privacy camp, fighting patrols raid again persuaded Andrew – he made the right choice. His fellow students were surprised yesterday accessed photos to webthose with junior sergeant Havetskyy in blue beret with arms supported peace in the Balkans. After Kosovo as part of the preparation of peacekeeping troops Andrew went to Germany, where he studied the tactics of fighting with NATO standards, improved foreign language skills. Then he took part in an international training in Lithuania, where,According soldier taught how to fight near and far. And no one praises Andrew Havetskyy Carpathian village Drohobych district Pidbuzh their victory. Nicholas Shnitser – one « Iron » cyborgs who became a symbol of Ukrainian valor and honor. Andrew Golovan from the neighboring village Party belonging to Pidbuzkoyi local community, showed his courage in defending the Lugansk airport. Volunteer Petlyanko Basil is an example of sacrifice. Undoubtedly, every one of them deserves a separate story. They – heroes who write a new history of Ukraine. Told

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/