"Regional Prof party" in Rivne region

Regional Prof party held Rivne District Employment Center April 16-17 for students Obarivskoyi and secondary school students tretokursnykiv Rivne Cooperative Economics and Law College. The forum held a variety of vocational guidance, counseling, information and referralPeninsula activities. Many useful discovered students on career guidance lessons from the series "The real working life" and "I professions in the world", which became a benchmark system in actual jobs in the modern labor market. What more need for a successful career choices, career guidance than done in a timely manner? Experts help youth centercalculate the formula successful professional choice, employing the following components: personal abilities and skills, the type of professional orientation, the relevance of specialty in the labor market. In addition, they presented students with typical mistakes when choosing future profession and ways to avoid them. For students spent the day tretokursnykivopen house. Young people learned about the current job market, offers employers in the region needed labor. Students were informed about the search form work and employment acquainted with the economic map of the Rivne region, barometer professions catalogs successful entrepreneurs, business district passport, learned about their screation and activities. Interesting and useful information materials were young people with descriptions of professions, job opportunities in Rivne and Rivne region. shnya youth has many ambitions, aspirations and dreams and just walking with young people move in step, it may be of interest, adjust the perception of important information. As a result, Regional Prof party Employment Service experts concluded that a comprehensive vocational work effectively helps young people on the path to success. This was reported in Rivne city employment center