In Khmelnytsky rescue actions teach children during emergencies

Within the week of knowledge on the basics of life safety April 20 Lyceum visited 22 State Fire and Rescue of town. Yarmolyntsi. On the tour rescuers had an interesting lecture for students with a demonstration video, then was held atznayomcha Fire tour, during which students can view different fire-rescue techniques and equipment used during fire fighting and overcoming various emergencies. Especially the younger audience interested in staffing and fire vehicles and special equipment. Each of the children felt withebe real fire, after sitting in the car, trying on a helmet firefighter. Rescuers have demonstrated overall, told about the extraordinary events which they had to meet in real life. Children enthusiastically asked many questions of the owners of the fire and did a lot of photos in memory, and some of them have already mentally imagined himself Maiture lifeguard. Yarmolinetskiy PC PG DSNS Ukraine in Khmelnytsky oblast