In the Zhytomyr region due to smoking drunk last one killed

people April 20 at 23:30 at the point called ’ communications 9th State Fire and Rescue downtown Berdichev received information about a fire in an apartment three-residential building, located in the district center. About the incident to the rescue « 101 » reported withusid. The man felt the acrid smell of smoke. Upon arrival at the scene of another guard firefighters found that cell fire is three-room flat on the third floor. During exploration, the floor of one of the rooms, firefighters found the body of a man with no signs of life. They found 67-year-old homeowner. EffortsDSNS fighters fire was localized at 00:13 and is completely eliminated at 00:30. The fire had destroyed furniture, property damage and 8 m2 floor. According to neighbors, the owner of consumed alcohol and smoked. According to preliminary version was the cause of the fire and carelessness while smoking man. Currently, experts set final reason appearancesof the fire and the amount of loss and salvaged items. Dear citizens, lest disaster appeal to you to follow basic fire safety, value their lives, the lives of their loved ones. Do not expose yourself and people around you mortal danger. Because of these truths depend Your benefitpoluchchya! Always remember that only strict adherence to safety rules will help you avoid irreparable disaster. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region