Chernigov: Reforms in Ukraine will take place under any circumstances

This at a press conference Visegrad said First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Natalia Halibarenko. Decentralisation and community development in the country is a priority that is set during the Ukrainian Revolution dignity. It isth local government reform will, despite the social and political factors braking. Help on the difficult path of creating a new system of power and communication society representatives are ready Visegrad countries. In particular, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Poland Conrad Pavlik said that the promotion of the country whichit represents will be long until necessary. Help consist both in financial terms and in education. It should be noted that funds Visegrad countries to help Ukraine permanently. A significant amount of training is aimed at young people and humanitarian assistance ATU soldiers and their families. Currently everything RepresentativesB4 approve the work of Ukraine in the implementation of territorial-administrative reform. They also support the adoption of the relevant law to merge local communities. European partners have responded positively about fiscal decentralization. After all, it will allow the field to manage funds and distribute them efficiently. However, the Ukrainian side urged colleagues not to delay appropriate amendments to the Constitution and welcome the work of the relevant committee. It should be noted that decentralization was the basis of all reforms in Visegrad. It helped them to become full members of the EU. According to the department of information andCommunication of the State Administration