Luck: three branches child clinics received the status of "Pure hospital safe for the patient"

Cleanliness and hygiene - are two indicators that present patient brings in first place in the selection and evaluation of health facility. That is why the municipal company "Lutsk City Children's Clinic" joined the project "Clean Hospital - safe for the patient." Suneukrayinska Nurses Association and the Association of Ukraine "Service of infection control" (SOIK) joint efforts for several years doing practical steps towards the fight against nosocomial infections. One of the important steps is the project "Clean hospital safe for the patient." The project aims to identify areas norushennya standards of cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare facilities Ukraine. The object acts according to standards of cleanliness and safety in health care in accordance with applicable law. SOIK was established on the basis of the German research laboratories, etc.. Rodhera, as guided by the latest in modern principles of sanitary epidemiolohichnohmode of health care services. Along with the status of "Pure hospital is safe for patients' health care facility receives: clearly established system of hygiene; prepared practically and theoretically informed staff; prestige and public acceptance; high credibility to the doctor. This project is aimed at creating favorable conditions forpatients during their stay in the medical facility. Now pediatric department number 2, number 2 dental office and dispensary center of Pediatric Surgery BB "Lutsk City Children's Clinic" awarded the title "Pure hospital safe for the patient." Of course, this institution staff put a lot of effort. Thus, the association SDIK held a series of seminars for medical staff clinic, during which they discussed a number of important issues. In particular, with regard to quality and timely hand disinfection, competent handling medical products, reviews compounds that are found in modern disinfectants and modern methods cleaning surfaces in hospitalswooden premises (use a modern system for cleaning "Vermop") and so on. In addition, the institution dokupyv all the necessary equipment and medical staff offices headed by senior nurses did their best to introduce new products disinfection and get the status of the "Clean hospital safe for the patient", which is proof that the staff childrenher clinic meets all standards and is governed by algorithms cleanliness and safety. Providing status preceded the procedure hygiene audit institution, committed professionals "Service of infection control." When awarding certificates "Clean hospital safe for the patient" head of the association "Service of infection forontrolyu "Olga Helenyuk stressed that children's clinic - a special health care facility, because here come the children and very importantly, to the extent possible have been met all standards of cleanliness and disinfection. "You started, three departments are given the status of" clean ", but this is only the beginning and I am sure that all units at the clinichold such certificates "- said Olga Helenyuk. However, she said, was to get the certificate and status, should provide this content, as certified nursing work only confirms their awareness of cleanliness and hygiene in the institution. Chief physician circuit "Lutsk city children's clinic" Oksana Lyeschynska noted that when visiting private withHealth, beauty and hairdressing salons all pay attention to disinfection methods, processing tools, which are, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. "I am delighted that we have passed this audit and three departments have acquired the status of" Pure hospital safe for the patient. " Though limited financial capacity of the institution, but not limited to our desires. I want the children andParents come to our institution, they feel safe when performing any manipulation, "- said the chief doctor. She thanked all the staff for understanding the work and investments "bit of heart and soul." Acting. Head of the Department of Health of the City Council Nikolai Yakymchuk also thanked for the work done by employees ofand especially the chief physician Lyeschynskiy Oksana Petrovna, home nurse Kozina Love M., elder sister of medical offices. He noted that even in a city hospital has seven branches have similar status. Nicholas Yakymchuk, referring to the head SOIK Association, noted that the organization still has wide range of activities, In particularand in beauty salons, hair salons, where sanepidsluzhby with changing functions and its reform is absolutely no one to date has no control over the observance of hygienic regime. "We are going to Europe and therefore it is important that parents be confident that they can protect their children from nosocomial infections," - he said. Then kerivnyky project awarded to employees departments audited, the respective icons again inspected the rooms and attached signs "Clean hospital safe for the patient" at the entrance to each department, which received the status of clean and safe. It should be noted that this project is not over, and vice versa - the institution is under constant counterappears on. In the children's clinic will UMC experts in lectures, seminars, new recommendations and a year specialist associations come to see if adheres institution declared standards. In addition, the project plans to join purity and other urban health care settings. Health Department GoreSecond Council (724 653) This was reported in Lutsk City Council