Ivano-Frankivsk, the Office DSNS in honored memory of the hero - Igor Shevchuk, who died performing professional duty

April 21, 2012 at the 24th year of his life, performing required service ’ roads, killed the chief guard of independent State fire station 1 m. Ivano-Frankivsk, Lt. civil protection urodzhenets village Chernyatyn Gorodenka district Shevchuk Igor Dmitrievich. His death in battle post – This is an irreparable loss for parents, friends, colleagues and all who knew him, and it once again shows that the lifeguard profession is one of the most dangerous in the world. Parents left without a son, who had high hopes, sister – without braand the world was orphaned because the sky faded star who had for a long time to shine. Collective Management in DSNS supported firefighter family, making every effort to facilitate even the slightest great tribulation relatives. Immortal feat chief guard independent state fire station 1 m. Ivano-Frankivsk, Lieutenant service tyvilnoho protection Igor Shevchuk has not gone unnoticed – according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine 31.11. 2013 655/2013 for courage and heroism during fire fighting and rescue, Igor Shevchuk was awarded the Order « Courage III level » (Posthumously) and in accordance with the order all ­ Ukrainian asotsiatsiyi war veterans and Emergencies of Ukraine Victor Doman ­ ment – awarded Order « Honour and Glory » (Posthumously). As a sign of honor city ’ memory of the brave firefighters Igor Shevchuk April 21, 2013, a year after his tragic death, the house on the street Heroes of fire in the regional center was a memorialboard, along with a plaque of fallen heroes-fire T. Brynetskoho and Vladimir Zajac. Collective Management in DSNS leaves the family of the deceased alone with their grief, they are invited as guests to host international competitions on fire and applied sport city ’ memory of heroes-fire of Chernobyl and regional competitions on fire-prickOk sport among fire departments in the Office DSNS dedicated city ’ memory Carpathian fire heroes who died in the line of Duty ’ bonds. And every year in April to mark the tragic date in the street names of heroes-fire in about ­ las ­ tion is ­ RTDI the Office DSNS in honor city ’ Five for ­ gi ­ ­ Igor Shevchuk blogs, which involves the management and employees of the Office in DSNS, fellow rescuers, local authorities, family and friends. Is no exception and this year – near the house on the street Heroes of fire in the regional center, where a memorial plaque in honor of Igor Shevchuk held events. They devicchalysya requiem for the repose of the souls of tragically killed Igor Shevchuk. Paying tribute to the city ’ memory of the deceased colleagues, rescuers laid flowers at the memorial plaque. Addressing the audience, Head of the Department of Urban DSNS colonel in the Civil Protection Matsalak Basil said that Igor Shevchuk loyalty Professionalc Duty ’ connection set up his own life. It – high price, and we bow our heads before a feat that will not be forgotten ever. The participants observed a minute of silence in memory ’ Five of the dead comrades. After completion of the memorial events in the regional center, fellow rescuers and family visited the grave of Igor Shevchuk village Chernyatyn Gorodenka district and school in his native village, where he studied hero, and where a memorial plaque in his honor. Management DSNS in