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Team Chernihiv - Winners Orienteering Team

pupils as part of Chernihiv City Centre tourist-recreational and educational work with children and young people won first place in the Open Championship Chernihiv region orienteering, held in the regional center on 17-19 April. Seven teams competed with raidsSTI and guests of Kyiv and Slavutych - generally on forest trail out of more than 150 participants. Second place won Chernigov-1 (BIS 19), and the third - the team with Nizhin. In the individual competition winners were: the group h-10 - Taras Slisarenko (SZNZ 1); the group is 10 - Daria Nechiporenko (SZNZ 1); the group h-12 - Dmitry Shpak (BIS 19); the group is 12-- KaTh?rines Starohatnya (BIS 19); the group h-14 - Maksim Kovalev (BIS 19); the group is 14-- Carolina Kryvolap (BIS 7); the group h-16 - Nikita Trokhymenko (SZNZ 1); the group is 16-- Alexander Odnokolova (SZNZ 1); the group h-18 - Arsene Crane (m. Baturin); the group also-18 - Elena Vorchylo (Str.). "The success of our students - a major inindicator and the result of our work ", - the director of the Center Alexander Gabriel. According to the Center LLC RDM