In Ternopil law enforcement officers find out the circumstances of the death of

inhabitants Horostokova Origin injuries that caused the death of 74-year-old pensioner Horostkova Husiatyn district until uninstalled. As the head of the police station Oleg Demchan, currently working on two police versions - or victim, being able to alkoholnoho intoxication, he got injured, or contribute to this 51-year-old horostkivchanyn. The man who is most likely to be involved in crime, does not deny that before visiting the victim. He says that drank together. Drunken master he beat on the contrary, helped reach the bed when he repeatedly without holding on feet, Collapsed on the floor. End at the hands of men no trace of strikes. And whether you can trust a man who a week soundly pyyachyla? According to the sister of the deceased, just after the visit of 51-year-old villagers to face her brother were hematoma. After all, a woman is not categorical in charges for relative pyyachyv constantly and repeatedly caused thea bodily injury. Conclusions forensics showed - the cause of death 74-year-old pensioner was closed craniocerebral trauma and bleeding under the brain membrane. Damage that can be obtained during the fall from the height of its own growth, and the impact of foreign objects. Currently being tested. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraineyiny in Ternopil region