In Vinnytsia providing quality care hnivanchanam the control of regional authorities (+ photos)

April 21, on behalf of the Head Valery Koroviya the results of private reception, met Deputy Chairman - Director of the Department of Education State Administration Igor Ivasyuka with applicants to resolve situationsAI to provide medical care of. Gnivan. Participating in the meeting were Director of the Department of Health and Resorts Regional State Administration Tatiana Babii, chairman Tyvrovsky District Governor Leonid The place, first deputy chairman Tyvrovsky District Governor Victor Boyko, chief physician TyvrovskyCRH her juror Peter, Mayor. Gnivan Vladimir Kuleshov and applicants were asked to solve the above issues. The applicants stated that the current situation of the residents. Gnivan quite difficult to get medical care out of place, but only Tyvrovsky CRH. According to them, people just need to have a branch of medical staffchnoyi care in the community. According to Vladimir Kuleshov, city officials meters. Gnivan understands the importance of the situation and promotes its solution. In particular, at the expense of the city and district budgets purchased two vehicles for emergency and urgent care. However, the functioning in the city clock paragraphemergency care without the assistance of high profile instances impossible. In turn, Peter juror said that the creation of another hospital or separation and relocation of workers Tyvrovsky CRH to the city. Gnivan a new permanent job impossible. Because the severity of some diseases can be determined zazdalAegis, so you need a quick response, which is very difficult when the hospital staff divided into two points. After hearing all the participants, Igor Ivasjuk said: "Ensuring social stability and peace is one of the main tasks of any official. Therefore, in view of the situation in the city. Gnivan and unsatisfactoryrelated to the subject of one of the parties is appropriate to resolve urgent problems, namely continuous operation of telecommunication, compliance with sanitary conditions in hospital units. " Games Ivasjuk said: "It is clear that today create another hospital in Gnivan is unable to due to lack of funds for Recycledtion and specialists. However, if any request to create a territorial community around the clock emergency care item should be feedback. If a community needs help in this matter should seek and find opportunities out of the bad situation. " Vice President - Director of Education oblderzhadministratsiyi instructed to send to the Commission in order to place the next review and verify the general state hospital. Games Ivasjuk emphasized the constructive dialogue and cooperation both local residents and management of the district and health facility. During the meeting, participants discussed problematic issues have made proposals to settle the situation. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration