Transcarpathia: Svalyava on the wheels "Volkswagen" hit 11-year-old girl

on Sunday, April 19, in s.Keretsky Slaljava driver of the vehicle " VW Passat " hit a 11-year-old girl. The child is in intensive care. Car detained impound lot, the driver prosecuted. On Sunday Thrhovu of Slaljava District Police received a report from a doctor of a reception Savelovskaya CRH that are delivered to the injured 11-year-old girl from the village Keretsky. As it turned out, the baby got in his native village in the accident. The driver of the car "Volkswagen Passat" in Czech room, resident s.Bronka IRSHAVAment area, moving in the direction of s.Kushnytsya g.Svalyava, drove into the oncoming lane and hit a 11-year-old girl that came along on the road. Then the car flew into the ditch. The injured girl is in intensive care regional children's hospital in Mukachevo, she closed head injury, concussion and a broken leg open. Fromand her life struggling doctors. Sam driver claims he does not remember the circumstances of the accident, because nothing can not explain. However, examination showed that the man at the time of the accident was sober. The car impound lot Slaljava delivered to District Police. The circumstances of accidents pravoohorntsi find out. UGAI Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian raidssti