April 25 - Ukrainian Environment Day

each year on the third Saturday of April 1999 organized by Ukrainian Environment Day, by Presidential Decree 855/98 of 06.08.1998. This year it will be celebrated on 25 April. The main purpose of this festival is to improve the state of nature. Environment Day allows realistic assessment of the state of the environment, Iwhom we live. Enables carefully consider the actions and steps that each of us has to make towards the preservation and restoration of the environment. Environment in modern terms - a new form of interaction between man and nature. It is a system of government and public events aimed at harmonious interaction between society and nature conservation and modtvorennya natural resources for the sake of present and future generations. environmental problems are among the most important and determine the level of civilization and prosperity, including our country. During that time already established a tradition of celebration, government agencies, NGOs, ordinary residents carry out activities aimed at polypshennya the environment, clean water sources, planting, conservation of protected areas, spreading environmental awareness. In turn, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Khmelnytsky Oblast State Administration invites all who care to join in activities as part of the Day of the environment and become more environmentally conscious andMake at least one step to improve the environment. The information was

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/