In the Transcarpathian region of fires in high-rise killed

people on February 12, at 3:07 Uzhgorod firefighters rush to Mynaysku out that the regional center. According to information received, burning apartment on the seventh floor of the nine city ’ yatypoverhivky. This operational-rescue service reported vigilant neighbor who, sensing the smell of smoke, nehayno dialed « 101 & raquo ;. In minutes on the spot call another guard was working the 14th State Fire and Rescue parts. At 4:25 the fire was completely extinguished. The room, on the couch burned, professional service DSNS found 81-year-old owner of the house. Unfortunately, she did not need any help. The old woman dwellAla alone and as health ’ I was bedridden. The cause is under investigation. Among the possible version and is considered a violation of the rules of operation elektroobihrivalnyh devices, because next to the bed were two electros owner. The fire had damaged sofa. The circumstances of the case ’ yasovuyut police.Management DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region once again appeals to all the inhabitants of the earth, with the caveat to be careful using electric heaters, oven heating and gas equipment. We must follow their serviceability and not left unattended and city ’ in mind that only strict compliance with the rules Bezpeky life will help you avoid disaster! Be careful, take care of their lives and property! In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region