Leonid Bytsyura: " Mission Ternopil - be the spiritual center of Ukraine "

February 16, 2015 Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Leonid svobodivets Bytsyura met with representatives of the Ukrainian public organization " Ukrainian Registered Cossacks & quot ;. &Quot; The military-patriotic education inidrodzhennya best traditions of our ancestors, multiplication and Cossack rebel spirit - one of the priorities of the regional government - said Leonid svobodivets Bytsyura. - Ternopil mission - to be the spiritual center of Ukraine. It saved tens icons of cultural and architectural monuments and other relics. Also, as we know from ancient timesour region was the center of the Cossack spirit. It originally known Cossack leader Dmitry Vyshnevetsky. Now in the ongoing work for the conservation and enhancement of the best traditions of our glorious ancestors & quot ;. In addition, the city has a pre-conscription training school. This is not just only in Ternopil, Ukraine but also, educational institution, which claim to schoolArti educates future Defenders. Also, the work on the project Regional Programme military-patriotic education. &Quot; One of the problems which attracted our special attention - a spiritual revival in Ukraine and in general, - said Leonid Bytsyura. - In particular, recently hosted a roundtable with the participation of institutionsdifferent levels of education and representatives of traditional Christian churches. Their ideas and best practices being used as a basis " Applications spiritual revival edge & quot ;. So I sincerely hope that through the support of the newly appointed Chief Ataman Ternopil Regional Cossack organization URC Lieutenant Colonel Ukrainian NGO co registerzatstva about. Vyacheslav Kizilova, we cooperate with more than one year, we will implement many interesting projects. In particular, the restoration institute chaplaincy. After all, it is important that our defenders not only a good military training, but were spiritually hardened & quot ;. As Ukrainian Hetman Ivan Registered Cossacks Anatoliyovych Shevchenko, now Cossack social movement in Ukraine became widespread. Thus, members of the Cossack movement are actively involved in conducting anti-terrorist operations, enhanced help soldiers. He also informed about the development of Cossack units in Ternopil and needs of men, who are members of the Registered Cossacks and now are involunteer battalions. Anatoly also thanked the Deputy Head of Ternopil Oblast State Administration Leonid Bytsyuri for understanding, support and promote the development of the Cossack movement in Ternopil. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/