Lviv premiere of "dangerous game" - the play about the ability to enjoy freedom

First Ukrainian Theatre for Young Audiences in Lviv expanding repertoire evening. On Friday, February 20, will premiere "Dangerous Game", which will be interesting adult audience. This February 18, at a press conference director, and usenavytsya one of the main roles theater actress Love Movchan. &Laquo; Dangerous Game » &Ndash; This is ironic comedy about two ladies who decided to radically change his life. Claude runs away from home for the aged, and Margot – to celebrate the 18th birthday of his daughter. Escape from their problems, they are on the path of a dangerous game that can atlead to a dramatic and comic to the finals. &Laquo; Claude – free woman. Throughout his life, everything revolves around it. Margo is fixated and closed in his life. Each unhappy & raquo ;, – Love Movchan said and added that the show tells the story of freedom: « We all want to be free, but freedom must be able korystuvatys & raquo ;. According to her, Freedom – This is also in harmony Seven ’ her for « whatever we do, General – This is our seven ’ I & raquo ;. &Laquo; seven in ’ nd we all go so perfectly that they (children, – ed.) And we were happy to freedom could use for self-realization & raquo ;, – added director postanovnyk. Preparation of n ’ yesoyu lasted six months. Over decorations worked Darius Head ’ Yalova. She said that most of n ’ yesi it struck the image Claude performed by actress Helen Woodrow Wilson, who works in the theater 47 years. &Laquo; here it is full-blooded actress and delicious. It fills the whole scene & raquo ;, – said the artist. AboutLena Woodrow Wilson admitted that this role – This is a great gift. &Laquo; When you have experience, who want to share, and there is no way, and suddenly you get a job that falls to the soul, vykladayeshsya as you can, gives all the skills and experience that has accumulated in 47 years & raquo ;, – said the actress. Told